afanasiadi-art | “Queen of gypsies”
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“Queen of gypsies”

About The Artwork

— Size: 70 W x 70 H x2 D cm
Ships in a Box
— Ready to ship in 1–3 business days
— Style: Figurative, Modern, Portrait

* Ready to hang
* Certificate of Authenticity
* Signed front and back

About this artwork

This work shows the strength of women among gypsies, because she has several mysterious abilities such as opening cells with her eyes to free birds, singing without her voice, giving love with all her soul.
The power of this “queen of the gypsies” is not found in her deep look but in her very kind heart, where she keeps the secrets of her many generations. She knows the answers to all the questions in the world. He always gives the following answer: «Love goes by air, look at it and keep it in your soul as I have done for many centuries»