afanasiadi-art | Mixed media paintings
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Mixed media paintings

About This Project

In this series Olga investigates the habitat of the natural forms that she finds in the northern nature. She is interested in the parts of this nature such as they are, that is why the Artist uses the sand, the branches, the natural fabrics to organize all these objects in the compositions and minimize her participation in their existence.

To find out more information about the available works and purchase them, click on the links.

“Habitat of natural forms #1”

“Habitat of natural forms #2”

“Habitat of natural forms #3”

“Habitat of natural forms #4”

“Habitat of natural forms #5”

Diptych “Habitat of natural forms #4-5”

“Habitat of natural forms #6”

”Frozen sand”

”Pink image”

”Waiting for spring”

”Composition with wave”

”Inside the absolute”

”Space output”

“The secret underwater cave #1”

“The secret underwater cave #2”


”Cracked ice”