afanasiadi-art | Compositions with stones
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Compositions with stones

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About This Project

In this series the Painter uses certain natural objects such as stones and minerals, creating compositions with an acrylic background on medium density wood fiber. The idea is that these very diverse objects are related to each other with the energy of planet Earth and at the same time the stone objects symbolize other very important elements for the existence of nature. They are water and air. Together they are part of the concept «The earthly». And there is also the other idea that our planet is a part of the Cosmos where the great energy directs everything. In this case, the small objects in the compositions have a new meaning.

To find out more information about the available works and purchase them, click on the links.

“Earthly force”

«Journey to the center of  the earth”

“The world”

”Unity of elements #1”

”Unity of elements #2”

Diptych ”Unity of elements”