afanasiadi-art | Limitless momentum
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Limitless momentum

— Size: 40 W x 40 H x2 D cm
Ships in a Box
— Ready to ship in 1–3 business days
— Style: Figurative, Modern, Portrait

* Ready to hang
* Certificate of Authenticity
* Signed front and back

About this artwork

This work that is dedicated to the flamenco scene of the famous film by Pedro Almodóvar entitled “La flor de mi silencio”. In this movie there is everything that I love, the music, the flamenco of precious Joaquín Cortés, the drama and the recovery. But above all I was fascinated by the gypsy man’s dance with his mother. This dance, like all true flamenco, is an impulse without limits, which causes the feeling that you too are part of the convulsion of two beasts. Long live flamenco! Long live Pedro Almodóvar!