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About me

Olga Afanasiadi is a modern experimental artist from Russia. Olga was born in 1988 in the Urals (Yekaterinburg), where she also studied at an art school. In 2011, she moved to Saint Petersburg, where she visited the workshops and studios of teachers of the Academy of Arts. Repin and the Academy. Baron Stieglitz, as well as the workshop of Nikolai Sychev, a resident of the Pushkinskaya 10 Art center.

Read my interw by Artmajeur Magazine.

The participation en world art-projects:

February 2019 – participation in the WorldArtDubai international art fair, representative – CrisolArtGallery (Spain, Barcelona)
May 2019 – participation in the international art fair Carouselle du Louvre, representative of the ArtEspaces gallery (Belgium, Brussels)
October 2019 – participation in the Flower Power international project (Netherlands, Paris, Brussels), representative of the ArtEspaces gallery (Belgium, Brussels).

November 2020 – participation in the international project “To Spain with Love” – independent exhibition: “ART WEEK in SPAIN” with the participation The International Union of Curators with the support of the World Fund of Arts, Eurasian Art Union, Arte Sin Fronteras and ImaginArte Gallery

Participation in Russian projects:

September 2012 – participation in a collective exhibition at the Mayakovsky such festival December 2016-personal exhibition “Color dreams on canvas” (Saint Petersburg)

August 2020 – participation in the collective exhibition “the Art of inspiring”, organized by the gallery “Molbert” (Saint Petersburg)

November 2020 – personal exhibition at the gallery ” Molbert “(Saint Petersburg) with the art project ” Natural forms: impressions and concepts”

December 2021 – Russia Art Week (Eurasian Art Union, “Congress Hall “Danilovsky” – Moscow, Russia)

November 2022 – Design Art 2022 in center of the design “Artplay”, organizer – the largest community of designers Club of complectors.