afanasiadi-art | Современный художник Ольга Афанасиади
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Experimental Artist Olga Afanasiadi

Olga Afanasiadi is a modern experimental artist. Olga was born in 1988 in Russia.

«I have been seriously engaged in painting for over 10 years, and during this time I have created a huge number of paintings. My paintings are in private collections in Russia, Spain, Greece and America. I also have an active stores on the SaatchiArt online gallery, Singulart gallery and Artmajeur  gallery.

“In my art I try to get away from the usual topics and techniques to investigate a very interesting and complex topic.

This time the focus is on nature and its forms as the foundation of the life of the human species.
The diversity of materials is due to the need to show various aspects of this research. For this reason, apart from oil on canvas, the artist is using textiles, acrylic and natural stones.”

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